Like any other machinery, the air suspension system also has its unique advantages and disadvantages. Advantages of air suspension system

Here are the advantages of air-bagged suspension systems. 1. Improved driving comfort

Cars with air suspension offer excellent driving comfort. The height adjustability allows a driver to obtain better control, especially in tough terrains. Passengers feel the minimal impact of the bumps on the road due to the compressed air bagged suspension. 2. Less vibration and noise

Using air pressure adjustment, the suspension system experiences reduced vibration and harshness. The air pressure compensates for uneven surfaces, speed bumps, and potholes while driving without making much noise. It helps to have a pleasing quiet drive and increases the lifespan of the suspension system. 3. Driving versatility

With an electronic air suspension system, you can smoothly drive a vehicle in different road conditions. The suspension works effortlessly on highways, mountain roads, and even rough off-road terrains. An automatic air suspension can reduce the ground clearance of its vehicle while driving at high speeds. On the contrary, it can also increase the vehicle height for off-roading and city drives, which makes cruising much easier. 4. Load versatility

The air suspension system lets you adjust the vehicle height based on the load as well. It ensures consistency of force distribution across the wheels to reduce the risk of roll-over accidents on turns.

It also reduces the risks of vibrations that may cause load shifting, breakage or damage while driving. As a result, carrying heavy loads becomes easier due to better control over the vehicle with air suspension. 5. Fuel efficiency

Because of the adjustability of the suspension based on road type, you may experience an increase in the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. For instance, the lower drive height on highways reduces wind resistance and improves the vehicle’s aerodynamics.

On the other hand, a higher drive height on city or mountain roads makes turns and slopes easier to cover, resulting in saving time and fuel in the process. Disadvantages of air suspension system

Here are the disadvantages you may face with an air suspension system. 1. High cost

The cost of buying an air spring suspension system is higher than a regular spring suspension. This is why only high-end or luxury cars come with in-built air suspensions. 2. High maintenance

While you can rely on air suspension initially, it may require frequent repair work after long-duration or long-distance travel. You can’t avoid the repair needs, otherwise, it won’t be possible to keep the car stable while driving. Hence, maintenance cost is the necessary con you have to handle to avail all the benefits of air spring suspension. 3. Mechanical problems

The air suspensions also tend to face mechanical problems. Moisture and rust are common enemies that can damage the insides of the system. Moreover, the compressor may burn out if air springs start leaking air. Hence, regular check-ups and maintenance are necessary.

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